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Updating my Patreon page

2016-11-15 00:14:47 by Aope

Hey! So its been a while since I updated my Patreon page, so I decided to keep and eye on that and start sharing more content on it :D
If you wish to help me out creating more content I'll be eternally thankfull!
Right now I've just graduated from college so its time to start creating more than ever!


Looking for patrons!

2016-05-23 21:28:10 by Aope

Hi there! I'm about to finish university D: this is so scary! So... I decided to launch my own Patreon page! I really really want to continue creating new stuff constantly and a friend recomended me to use this platform, so I'm giving it a shot!
I know my audience isn't big right now but with some of your help I can grow more as an artist AND more important as and independent being!

So if you're up to help, here's my patreon page :D THANKS!

Hey there! I'm making some special edition t-shirts!
Go ckeck them out on my store, and if you like them you can buy one or two... or maybe all of them! lol
This is a small project I'm starting... so there's still not a lot of merchandise D:
But with some help I can make more desings for you to wear and show off to your friends! :D
I really hope you like them and help me out with this project!

Hey there! recently I've uploaded some of my art work to this page

If you're interested you can buy some prints or even a phone or tablet case! And theres more! if you use this code: ----------- PRNTLOVE16 ----------- you'll get free shipping until sunday :D


Selling Prints!

2016-01-19 12:18:23 by Aope

Hey guys I'm selling some prints with the illustrations I've made... If you're interested go check them out here:
You can also buy a tablet or phone case with my designs.

Thanks for the support n_n

80s Wars

2015-10-12 21:13:17 by Aope

So I finally uploaded my first game on Newgrounds (: "80s Wars"

Its been a while I wanted to upload a game, but every time I started a project, there were many things interfering with some of them... so I finally managed to finish this small game..

So i hope you guys like this one, and expect more and better games! ;D

Working on some stuff...

2015-06-17 22:20:20 by Aope

I will be streaming some random stuff im working on (:
if you wanna join or just pass by and follow the channel here's the link (:


2015-04-19 19:06:16 by Aope

watch my latest animation (: hope you enjoy it

Random drawing stream and Heroes of the Storms beta key giveaways!

2015-03-16 23:34:53 by Aope

Hello there... I'll be streaming some random stuff... and ill be giving away (randomly) 3 HotS beta keys for the ones who follow the channel (:
So if you want, you can just pass by and say hi (: or like the channel
Thanks and Hope to see u guys there




Come and join our todays stream or follow us to enter the raffle! :D we'll be givin away copies of the game every 100 followers :D